Every since I was in high school and took French for the first time , I fell deeply in love with the culture. I am so obsessed. I haven’t been able to travel there yet.  To keep me from forgetting the language I am taking it upon myself to learn at home.

Traveling to France would be a dream come true. I have always felt drawn to the culture because of the simple fact , that my soul feels at home there ( I know it sounds almost impossible, if I have never been there before).If I got to spend at the very least a week there, I would visit the touristy places such as the Eiffel Tower , however, the places where I can appreciate the true beauty of France and get to know the locals.

I would go shopping ,but for something unique to me, that would mean more to me than the most expensive of outfits.  Ideally when I retire in many many years that’s where I would go.
Thanks for stopping by..
Au Revoir, 


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