Toxic Journey

It’s Jazmine again, today I want to blog about one of my favorite topics in the whole world. Ready?…Skincare…. I have been on a real eye opening journey towards healing my skin in a holistic way. I am not an expert, however this is my Personal journey and I want to give an overall  picture of my journey. 

I  have sensitive, combination, and acne-genic skin, so I’m sure you can imagine the hell I went through to find products that worked for my skin. In the beginning, I didn’t know about the dangers behind ingredients and the toxic effects that occur when using these products. I spent tons of money on products, only to find that some of these ingredients irritated my already sensitive skin. I found that Retin- A Micro” worked for a while but it  was pretty harmful for my skin, next I tried “Proactive” which yes ,worked on my skin for a good year, but soon realized I was allergic to “Benzoyl Peroxide” because I developed a rash so I immediately stopped.

My face improved shortly after that. When I stuck with a skin care regimen it helped tremendously. I tried “Murad “products , which we’re pretty good on my skin. Another issue is the price for quality skin care.

I learned that although a product might be cheaper, it contains a lot of harmful ingredients and little by little cause serious problems. I became more and more interested in what I used on my skin. What eventually reeled me in was that one night I was watching “Cat-woman” with Halle Berry 🙂 (love her). There was one scene in particular that opened my eyes on this journey .

The scene when Sharon Stone applied her moisturizer from her husbands line “Beau-line. There were dangerous side-effects which makes the skin disintegrate, and with continued use it makes skin hard like marble. I was floored because it struck a chord within me. Ever since that point I have been on this non-stop journey to the present.

 I started reading books which fueled my obsession….one changed my life because  I learned the importance of becoming  an informed consumer, to know what goes into your body. ( The Green Beauty Guide: Your Essential Resource to Organic and Natural Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup and Fragrances). I would recommend this for anyone who might be interested, but unsure where to start. I discovered that most, if not all conventional sites are what keeps us (consumer), misinformed and buying into the bull that’s fed to the public in general.

I began to mistrust a lot of conventional medicine and began to dig deeper to alternative methods of healing.  I believe that in order to live healthier  we should learn from Nature. Anything that’s processed isn’t healthy anyway . I like to  rely on these two apps  from the app-store “Skin-deep” and my newest “Think-Dirty”.

These apps make things a lot simpler to understand, when learning how to label read. Simply  scan products with the bar code, and follow directions. The app follows certain guidelines which are certified by  USDA Organic, ECO Cert, and NSF to name a few. There is a complete breakdown in the app. 

I don’t always want to spend money on skin care, so  I search Pinterest to find a DIY recipe. I enjoy that option with a variety to choose from. One of my go to ingredients is Coconut oil because it’s versatile and tastes great. I use the unrefined and unprocessed version.

I have made a body scrub, hair mask, used in food and  face wash and moisturizer. This journey has taught me a lot about myself and how easily mislead I was as  a consumer. I constantly research the Beauty Industry, in particular, the Organic/ Natural end. I look through several different websites, books, blogs, and I decide on what works for me, mostly through trial and error.

I sometimes buy products that contain toxic ingredients because I like the product. It is hard to give up the toxic chemicals completely. There is a huge ongoing list of ingredients to avoid  so I listed at least four to help with some questions you may have: and download “Toss The Toxin Toolkit” by Kristen Arnett.


Thanks for stopping by 😊😊


Warrior Queen


I am a Warrior Queen.
I am Wild and Free.
I live by my own set of rules.
I am competent to rule my own Queen-dom, because I carry diverse strengths and resilienceness that’s been  passed on from generations long ago. It flows freely through my veins because I embrace it. At first I was scared of how much power  flows through me. I proudly own this beautiful power now and forever.
I feel its a privilege to carry this gift.  I will pass it along through my next lifetimes. True Power not only comes from the past, but so does the knowledge of the universe once you open yourself up to it.
Embrace the Power of the Ancestors, learn from them, listen and repeat the knowledge.


Power is like the ultimate illusion that is dangled in front of us like a carrot to a rabbit. Those that achieve it unlock the door that’s already inside them. Coerced and ultimately unsatisfied because they keep on craving it. Power is an illusion that really no one can attain because it doesn’t exist except too those that have that elusive power.  When you think about it , we all walk around in our physical form to see and experience things and still don’t understand what to do with it all. We fight, steal, torture, befriend, love, hate and yet we still can’t get it together. We are not reaching our full potential because we are bombarded daily with every aspect of the very things that are destroying us and creating idiots. My perspective is changing and constantly relearning all that I thought I knew.

First Blog

My name is Jazmine.. Aka jazzie~fire… This is my first ever blog. A little about me, I’m a college graduate and in my last semester of school earning my Paralegal Certificate. I am multiracial and accept and love who I am. That’s a different topic for another day ☺.

I’m not entirelysure what I want to write because of my many different interests and enjoy learning new things. I know a little about a lot of things.

One of my absolute favorite things is Beauty any and all types of it. It is a true passion of mine. Lol, I’m a self professed product junkie, and always searching and learning what I can.

That’s all for now folks!!